Window Replacement: Insert vs. Full-Frame


When we meet with customers to discuss replacement windows, we find that most people are not aware that there are two ways to replace windows.  This is different than windows for new construction, where there is only one choice. In window replacement, you can choose between insert vs. full frame windows. We are here to […]

Gunmetal by Marvin

Gunmetal by Marvin is now available in Elevate and Essential collections

Gunmetal Finish by Marvin is now available from JB Sash & Door, in Boston MA in our Elevate and Essential collections. At JB Sash and Door, we are proud to be your local, independent Marvin dealer based in Boston, Massachusetts. We are excited to bring our customers contemporary and modern finish color options like Gunmetal […]

Your Complete Design Guide to Patio Doors

Marvin Ultimate Bifold Door in Kitchen 1

Each door on our list is designed to allow lots of natural light and fresh air into a space, creating an open and inviting path for you and your guests. So how do you determine which door is the right for your home? It comes down to the operation and how you will use the […]

Introducing TruStile Resilient Wood Entry Doors 

Resilient Wood Entry Door Product Image

TruStile expands entry door offerings to include paint grade wood entry systems  In partnership with parent company Marvin, TruStile has expanded its entry door offering to include the Resilient™ Wood Entry Door System, engineered with their most durable paint-grade construction, adding even more possibilities for an exceptional entrance. This new offering complements TruStile’s existing stain-grade […]

Is Condensation on My Windows Normal?

Photo of child's hand on the window.

Did you just replace your old windows, and now you’re waking up to fog? Don’t panic! The experts are here to tell you that moisture on the inside of your windows can be completely normal as we welcome in fall’s crisp air.   Where is condensation coming from?  While the temperatures drop in New England, […]

The Health Benefits of Skylights

Man sitting at kitchen counter working on laptop under the natural light of Marvin Skylights

Create healthier spaces by customizing your indoor environments with a skylight that adds just the right amount of light and fresh air when and where you need it most. If you are in the process of building a new home or remodeling existing spaces, you might be considering large windows and scenic doors in your architectural plan. […]

Decoding Window Replacement Terms

Marvin Ultimate double hung window and single hung window

What the technical jargon in the window and door replacement process really means, and why you should understand it.   When embarking on a window replacement project, sometimes it seems as though window companies or replacement contractors are simply speaking a different language. You’re asked to weigh in on what kind of divided lites you want, […]

5 Things You Should Ask Before Choosing a Window Retailer

Traditional Home with white siding and black Marvin entry door and white french doors

Protect your investment and your home by making an educated choice on a window retailer and installer for your replacement window and door project. When you think it’s time to replace your windows or doors, choosing a reputable and knowledgeable retailer to work with you on ordering and installation can be unfamiliar territory. Bigger companies […]

A Homeowner’s Guide to Understanding Glass Performance and Types

You don’t need to completely understand glass performance technology, but you should know that you have options. When purchasing a window, most homeowners think about the type of operation they want—casement, double hung, glider, etc. They also consider the color and maybe even how a window’s aesthetics complement the architectural style of their home. But […]

Biophilia Explained – The Case for Bringing Nature Inside

What a science term has to do with some of the most fundamental aspects of good design. Biophilia. Biomimicry. Biometrics. What do these words have in common other than being hard to pronounce? They start with “bio,” which means life, living things. In the architecture, design, and building world, biophilia is a science-y word for […]