7 Easy Home Hacks to Improve Your Small Space

A floor bed sits behind an open yellow door. A wide, horizontal Marvin window lights the space.

If you’re an empty nester heading into the next stage of your life or a city dweller in Boston that values location above all else, you might be dealing with a reduction in your home’s square footage. Fortunately, with a few simple tricks, improving a small space can make even the closest of quarters feel […]

5 Ways to Save on Window Replacement

This bright living room features several sizes of windows.

You’ll make many decisions during your window replacement process, like whether it’s really time to replace your windows, what material to choose, and whether to do all of your windows at once or approach it in phases. Replacing windows and doors is an investment, and just like any investment, it’s worth considering how to spend […]

What to Expect During Your Window and Door Replacement Project

Find out what you need to do, how long it will take, and what the window and door replacement project will look like. You’re replacing your windows and doors – now what? Congratulations! You’ve decided to improve your home with a window and door replacement project. A JB Expert has carefully measured all the openings, […]

Types of Wood for Doors & Windows – Oak vs. Pine vs. Mahogany

A lifelong wood expert reveals what you should know about wood for windows and doors. You might think you know wood—but do you know wood for windows and doors? The same properties that make certain woods ideal for other construction projects might make them a complicated choice for window and door components.   This is why […]

Sidelight Windows – An Upgrade to Your Front Door

Adding sidelight windows to a door is a great way to lighten up a drab entry space, improve a home’s air quality, and create a stronger connection with the outdoors. You may not have given them much thought until now, but sidelights can be a budget-friendly, high-impact home improvement option. Here is a helpful guide […]