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Chatham Home Base

Cape Cod New Exterior Design


When this Chatham, Massachusetts couple built a new house to be a home base for their grown children, they wanted to incorporate the natural beauty of surrounding Cape Cod into the design as much as possible. They worked closely with Muldoon Architects LLC and ARCHWRIGHT  Fine Home Builders to bring their vision to life.

The property features a small pond on one side, and faces an ocean bay on the other. Designing around these elements was the main priority, and the Marvin Ultimate collection provided the perfect combination of timeless aesthetic and peak performance for this waterfront home.


Timeless Aesthetic Meets Peak Performance.

Dining Room with Marvin Sliding Doors
Marvin Ultimate French Sliding Door


The Marvin Ultimate collection informed much of the design for the rest of the home’s exterior. The trim color, roof shingles, and even elements of the patio were all chosen to accentuate the windows, the true cornerstone of this build.

The main focal point of this Chatham home is the central staircase, which features large windows on both sides. These windows from the Marvin Ultimate collection maximize light in the space, and allow the family to see water at every turn. Upon pulling into the driveway, these windows offer a view of the bay through the home itself.


Functional Focal Point.

Modern Staircase with Marvin Ultimate Picture Window
Marvin Signature Ultimate Picture Window


“Being able to introduce wonderful views through the frames of Marvin windows really hit the mark,” according to architect Paul Muldoon.

The interior of this home contains elements of traditional Cape Cod designs with a contemporary twist. The interior doors were pivotal in achieving this combination aesthetic. The client went with a two-panel door by Reeb, which offered a modern look that tied together seamlessly with the more classic elements in the home.


Perfect Combination, Timeless Aesthetic.

Coastal Interior Design with windows and doors
Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection


This new home was completed in just 11 months, something that contractor Cara Meneses of ARCHWRIGHT Fine Home Builders attributes in part to the ease of working with JB Sash and Door.

According to Cara, “JB Sash does a fabulous job in working with the general contractor and the architects on making sure they are nailing the design and the window and door package. That’s why we pick them and will continue to pick them.”


New England Oceanfront Home