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Coastal Living Trends: It’s All About the View

cCoastal Living is a state of mind for homeowners from all corners of New England and beyond. Whether you have a condo overlooking Boston Harbor, a cottage near a lake or an historic oceanfront home at the tip of Provincetown, coastal living is all about the view. For years, architects and homeowners have explored new ways to frame that view at the Marvin Window and Door Gallery at JB Sash & Door in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

“Many of our customers are designing new coastal homes or remodeling existing properties and want to explore how windows and doors can help them take full advantage of their very personal locations,” shares Rick Bertolami, co-owner of JB Sash & Door. “It’s not only the view they value, it’s being able to feel the warm breeze, smell the salt air. It’s a total sensory experience that we help them achieve.”

Poolside Exterior View Of Signature Ultimate Sliding French Door

Bertolami, a long-time Marvin Windows and Doors retail partner, says he has been inspired to create a whole new Marvin Design Gallery at JB Sash (which will have its grand opening in September), after the opening of Marvin at 7 Tide in Boston Seaport. As the first Marvin Windows and Doors Experience Center in the country, 7 Tide invites architects, designers and homeowners to explore the entire world of window and door options in a high-touch, high-tech way at the very beginning of their planning process.

“Most people come to 7 Tide when have just started designing plans,” explains Barbara Bradlee, a Brand Representative at Marvin at 7 Tide. “Visitors come in thinking they want one thing and leave enchanted with all the new possibilities. We work in concert with Rick’s team at JB Sash to offer architects and homeowners an unparalleled experience.”

According to Bradlee, Marvin at 7 Tide is perfect for those in the dreaming stage (where they can explore every option, design their own windows and select interior and exterior finishes on a smart table at Marvin at 7 Tide.) JB Sash & Door is the ideal destination for those wanting to talk to Marvin window experts about exact plans, from product specification, selection and delivery through final installation.

“There are so many design ideas and new costal living trends to share with homeowners today,” said Bradlee. “We ask visitors to describe the feeling they want to have in their home. Our discussion starts with talking about quality of light, lifestyle choices, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you are talking to a Marvin Window and Door expert at 7 Tide or at JB Sash, these discussions help us suggest new ideas that may have never been considered before.”

Trend Alert: Designer Black Windows

According to Bertolami at JB Sash, a new design trend has emerged as an alternative to the traditional white painted wood that’s long been seen on windows and doors in New England. Now homeowners are framing their views with black painted wood. Marvin Windows and Doors listened to designers and homeowners and, in May, the legendary manufacturer adds Designer Black as a new Marvin-applied paint finish. Imagine each of your windows and doors being crafted by hand, one at a time, and then being artfully painted to complete your order. If you would like your windows and doors finished at Marvin’s manufacturing center as part of this process, you can now select from Designer Black, White and seven wood stains. This means your windows and doors will be ready for installation, without the need to have a painter on site.

A modern kitchen and dining area, furnished with dark wood and black fixtures, is lit by floor-to-ceiling doors and windows.

A JB Sash Advantage: If you decide on a finish not currently available through Marvin, you can rely on the JB Sash Paint Booth, where they can take your unfinished or primed wood Marvin windows and doors and apply any paint or stain you select before delivering them to your home.

More Glass, Please

One of the most popular Coastal Living trends is evident in two words: more glass. Imagine sipping your morning coffee and glancing up from your kitchen counter to see the orange-pink glow of the sun rising on the horizon. You can take in the scene from the relaxation of your great room, as the entire back wall of your home is glass. This glass not only provides a breathtaking view, it slides aside effortlessly to allow you to feel the warm morning breeze.

A bedroom with black brick walls is brightly lit by floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Marvin Scenic Door Portfolio, a favorite for coastal New Englanders, is all about offering greater expanses of glass with three extraordinary ways to connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Marvin Lift and Slide Doors come in stunningly large sizes (up to 48 feet wide), yet the engineering of these doors allows you to actually slide the entire wall open with the push of a finger.

Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door adds acres to your floor plan as it creates an entirely new lifestyle for your family. These doors can tower to 12 feet high and stretch up to 56 feet wide, while providing an extraordinarily smooth slide and level of performance as exceptional as the views they frame.

The Marvin Bi-Fold Door offers a totally different look and opportunity than the previous two scenic doors. Bi-Fold Doors fold stylishly and effortlessly to one side. Spanning openings up to 21 feet wide, Marvin Bi-Fold Doors are ideal for making a dramatic connection with verandas, gardens and more, or expanding a room into adjoining interior areas.

This photo features a dining room, shot from the porch through open folding glass doors.


Experts Close to Your Home

Whether or not you start your coastal living project with an inspiration tour of Marvin at 7 Tide, you will definitely want to contact the team at JB Sash & Door for all of your Marvin Window and Door needs. Visit, call 1-877-527-2741or visit 280 Second Street in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

This blog originally ran as an article in Boston Magazine as a paid partnership.