Hampshire House Boston, MA

Hampshire House: Historic Window Replacement Project

The Hampshire House is a cornerstone of Boston’s rich architectural history, and has housed the famous Bull & Finch Pub, inspiration for the iconic Cheers bar, for decades. When this century-old Beacon Hill building needed historically accurate replacement windows on the third and fourth floors, Thomas A. Kershaw, Chairman of the Hampshire House Corporation, reached out to JB Sash & Door due to their experience working with The Architectural District Commissions of Boston.


Hampshire House Boston, MA


Landmarks Commission

The Boston Landmarks Commission specifically sets strict standards for historic preservation in the city, and it was equally important to Kershaw and Markus Ripperger, President and Executive Chef at Hampshire House, that they maintain the historic integrity of the building.

“I know there are probably other firms that can make a decent window, but with JB Sash & Door, it was the ability to navigate through all the permitting processes to get the job done,” says Ripperger. “It was a focal point for me to have a partner in making sure that got done correctly.”



This was the first time in the building’s history that the third and fourth floor windows needed replacement. Due to their age, they provided poor heat-and-cold retention, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere in the event space and corporate offices within.

“We try to walk the fine balance between keeping the building up to the standards of the way we use it with restaurants and private events and corporate office space, but keeping in mind that we keep it as historically appropriate as we can,” says Kershaw.



JB Sash

JB Sash & Door obtained the varying, irregular measurements of the historic windows to create custom replacements, while simultaneously working with the Boston Landmarks Commission to obtain permits and ensure historical accuracy. All of JB Sash & Door’s JB Proper Bostonian replacement windows are manufactured in Chelsea, Massachusetts for true New England authenticity. They incorporate modern, energy efficient technology into historically accurate-looking windows.



“Through our 40-year collaboration with the Boston Landmark Commission, we’ve designed and developed a product that not only meets the commission’s stringent criteria, but also enables homeowners and business owners to replace their windows with a product that preserves the building’s authenticity while improving energy efficiency, functionality, and the overall appearance,” says Rick Bertolami, owner of JB Sash & Door. “Our goal extends further than just replacing windows; we aim to achieve a harmonious balance between comfort and preserving the historic details, so that each window appears as if it has been there for a century.”

In the end, JB Sash & Door installed double-pane windows that perfectly emulate the historic originals, but provide much-needed insulation and climate efficiency for the event space and offices. “I was very impressed with the way [JB Sash & Door] came in,” says Kershaw. It was miraculous how quickly it happened.”



For more details about JB Sash’s turnkey installation services and historic window replacement, please visit our page dedicated to historic replacement services.