When Doug Orr of Orr Homes was tasked with building a luxury subdivision in Lynnfield, Massachusetts comprising nine high-end homes, he decided to source windows and doors from the Marvin Elevate collection due to their reputation for superior quality and timeless design.


“I thought Marvin was a reputable and known high-end name. When you hear that name, [Marvin], you associate it with a higher level,” says Orr.


Although all nine houses in this luxury subdivision feature windows and doors from the Marvin Elevate collection, Orr Homes implemented the products from this extensive collection in such a way that each home has a distinct profile and feel.


Superior Quality and Timeless Design.

Marvin Elevate Window in luxury Subdivision


They used varying combinations of garage door windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, sliding windows, and more to create nine completely unique homes. Some feature windows with white trim, offering a classic design that highlights the grandeur of the home. Others boast a more modern look with black trim on the windows inside and out, creating a stunning visual contrast that elevates the sense of luxury. Though each home has its own character, the use of the Marvin Elevate collection throughout creates a cohesive community aesthetic for this high-end Lynnfield neighborhood.


Doug Orr decided to source products from the Marvin Elevate collection through JB Sash and Door due to the large volume of products used and the need for a high level of support and impeccable attention to detail. Though it was his first time working with JB Sash, he was aware of their decades-long reputation for excellence within the New England construction industry, and that they are a multigenerational family-owned Massachusetts business, just like Orr Homes.


Black Trim Windows Elevates the Sense of Luxury

White kitchen with black interior windows


Orr appreciated that JB Sash is solely focused on windows and doors, allowing them to completely hone their expertise. He attributed the success of the project in part to the thorough support that the JB Sash team offers through the ordering process, installation, and beyond to personally ensure perfect for each product.


Successful Projects are the Results of Strong Partnerships

Marvin Elevate Black and white trim windows


“In the construction industry, we’re faced with problems around every corner,” says Orr. “It’s about how you weather the storm together. Both JB Sash and Marvin have rectified any issue that has come our way. That’s all I can really ask for at the end of the day”


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