Millwork Solutions

Our custom mill shop is as old as the company itself, dating back to 1940 when our reputation for handcrafting windows began. 

Welcome To Our Shop

For almost 100 years, the artisans in our millshop have crafted high quality architectural millwork for Boston’s contractors and homeowners. We specialize in intricate custom products, including historic windows, custom casings, and curved woodwork.

Custom Capabilities

Our JB Sash & Door millwork shop allows us to offer complete customization of our products. From recreating one-of-a-kind historic curved sashes, to crafting custom casing and sills, JB Sash can deliver highly sophisticated products as unique as your space.

Our Specialities

  • Historic window reproductions 
  • Bowed and radius-top windows
  • Factory mulling 
  • Shop applied custom casing, sills and extension jambs 
  • Fast window and door repairs
  • Creative product solutions. Send us your ideas below.

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Replacing Windows in a Historic District?

We have been designing, building, painting, and installing historically accurate windows in Boston and beyond for more than 80 years. Our custom reproductions can match existing windows, and fit and brick or wood opening.

Our experienced team works with you to secure any necessary permits, and ensure your project is granted historic approval.

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