Tips for Replacing Historic Windows

Historic Window & Door Replacement and Installation in a historic home in Boston MA

There’s a lot to know when replacing windows on a historic building. Find out about the regulations, who enforces them, and what the National Parks Service has to do with it. Historic properties are subject to rules and regulations that can be more restrictive than typical building code requirements. And these regulations will vary from […]

You’ve Never Been Boston Window Shopping Like This

A display room shows various shapes and sizes of windows.

Marvin Windows and Doors have the power to transform a room; nowhere is that more evident than at JB Sash & Door’s brand new Marvin Window and Door Showroom in Chelsea, Massachusetts. “Our retail partnership with Marvin Windows and Doors goes back more than two decades,” says Rick Bertolami, co-owner of JB Sash & Door. “Their products […]

Types of Wood for Doors & Windows – Oak vs. Pine vs. Mahogany

A lifelong wood expert reveals what you should know about wood for windows and doors. You might think you know wood—but do you know wood for windows and doors? The same properties that make certain woods ideal for other construction projects might make them a complicated choice for window and door components.   This is why […]