Winter Window Replacement: Can you replace windows in the winter?

Replace window this winter

You don’t need to suffer another winter. Schedule a winter window replacement. Winter is coming, and you still haven’t taken the steps to set up an appointment to learn more about replacing your windows. Unfortunately, it is typically this time of year when regret sets in for Massachusetts homeowners planning to replace their windows during […]

The Window Replacement Process: What Does it Look Like?

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There are many reasons why you may be considering window replacement in Boston. Perhaps it’s been a few decades since you replaced them, or maybe you’re facing a home remodeling project. Maybe your energy bills have been spiking and you’re not sure why. Your old windows could be to blame. In fact, says heat […]

Window Replacement: Insert vs. Full-Frame


When we meet with customers to discuss replacement windows, we find that most people are not aware that there are two ways to replace windows.  This is different than windows for new construction, where there is only one choice. In window replacement, you can choose between insert vs. full frame windows. We are here to […]

Upgrade Your Windows This Winter

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Maybe you’re remodeling a condo on Boston’s waterfront and want to select windows that frame your amazing new view. Or perhaps the approaching winter has you determined to replace the windows in your treasured antique home in Wellesley; you want to improve energy efficiency without losing the charm. It’s not too late to upgrade your […]

Is Condensation on My Windows Normal?

Upgrade Your Windows This Winter 1

Did you just replace your old windows, and now you’re waking up to fog? Don’t panic! The experts are here to tell you that moisture on the inside of your windows can be completely normal as we welcome in fall’s crisp air.   Where is condensation coming from?  While the temperatures drop in New England, […]

Decoding Window Replacement Terms

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What the technical jargon in the window and door replacement process really means, and why you should understand it.   When embarking on a window replacement project, sometimes it seems as though window companies or replacement contractors are simply speaking a different language. You’re asked to weigh in on what kind of divided lites you want, […]

Tips for Replacing Historic Windows

Historic Windows

There’s a lot to know when replacing windows on a historic building. Find out about the regulations, who enforces them, and what the National Parks Service has to do with it. Historic properties are subject to rules and regulations that can be more restrictive than typical building code requirements. And these regulations will vary from […]

5 Ways to Save on Window Replacement

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You’ll make many decisions during your window replacement process, like whether it’s really time to replace your windows, what material to choose, and whether to do all of your windows at once or approach it in phases. Replacing windows and doors is an investment, and just like any investment, it’s worth considering how to spend […]

What to Expect During Your Window and Door Replacement Project

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Find out what you need to do, how long it will take, and what the window and door replacement project will look like. You’re replacing your windows and doors – now what? Congratulations! You’ve decided to improve your home with a window and door replacement project. A JB Expert has carefully measured all the openings, […]