Resilient Wood Entry Door Product Image

Introducing TruStile Resilient Wood Entry Doors 

TruStile expands entry door offerings to include paint grade wood entry systems 

In partnership with parent company Marvin, TruStile has expanded its entry door offering to include the Resilient™ Wood Entry Door System, engineered with their most durable paint-grade construction, adding even more possibilities for an exceptional entrance. This new offering complements TruStile’s existing stain-grade Reserve™ Wood entry system.

Resilient Wood Entry Door with PL236 109C
Resilient Wood Entry Door with PL236 109C

What’s Exciting about This New Entry Door System?

The Resilient Wood Entry System includes innovative materials, including the use of resilient Accoya®, an acetylated wood product, which brings unprecedented reliability and durability for wood. Tricoya® top layers provide exceptional stability, durability, and paintability for challenging outdoor environments.

Even more exciting is that Resilient entry doors come with a 10-year warranty for limited to no overhang applications, depending on system design specifications. And most configurations are delivered pre-hung with a premium prime finish, ready to paint to match any design.

Resilient Wood Entry System Construction
Resilient Wood Entry System Construction


Discover the Difference When you Choose TruStile Doors From JB Sash

Did you know that JB Sash provides professional custom paint services?

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  • Furniture-quality results (no brush strokes)
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  • No mess, no fumes


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