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Upgrade Your Windows This Winter

Maybe you’re remodeling a condo on Boston’s waterfront and want to select windows that frame your amazing new view. Or perhaps the approaching winter has you determined to replace the windows in your treasured antique home in Wellesley; you want to improve energy efficiency without losing the charm. It’s not too late to upgrade your windows and doors this winter!

Whether you’re remodeling or building a new house, selecting the right windows is key to enjoying your home. You should turn to the expert team at JB Sash & Door’s brand-new Marvin Window and Door Showroom in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Upgrade Your Windows This Winter


Put the pieces together – with style.

Not unlike choosing pieces to create the perfect outfit, the process of selecting windows and doors adds a personal touch to your home design.

“We understand that your selection of windows and doors is a huge decision,” says Rick Bertolami, co-owner of JB Sash & Door. “Architects and homeowners are always looking for that delicate balance between energy efficiency and preserving the very personal style of their home. We share that goal with our customers and have created ways to exemplify how they can do both in our new Marvin showroom.”

Homeowners entering the new Marvin Window and Door Showroom at JB Sash are often surprised by what they find.

“We’ve designed this space with new ideas to spur questions and discussion around each corner,” says JB Sash Co-Owner Ron Bertolami. “We want to show an extraordinary variety of windows and doors installed how they will look in your home. You can open windows, sliding doors and consider exciting new trends like Marvin’s new Designer Black painted window interiors. This modern design element is being embraced to bring focus to a view, much like putting an artful frame around a beautiful painting.”


Upgrade Your Windows This Winter


Stop by our design center.

The first stop in JB Sash’s new showroom is typically the Marvin Personalization Station. This bigger-than-life “inspiration board” will help start the conversation with your personal JB Sash design consultant.

“When we offer homeowners a taste of the many options up front, they can keep these in mind as we discuss their plans, home style, and priorities,” says Rick Bertolami.

You’ll learn about different wood species and how stains and paint appear when applied to each. You might be considering aluminum-clad exteriors for your windows, so you’ll find actual examples of how those materials appear and feel at the Personalization Station. Think about what hardware does for the look and style you imagine. See examples of hardware finishes, including bronze, brass, and antique brass, which could help maintain the charm of quaint antique cottages when upgrading windows.

Consider a patterned or textured glass; the Personalization Station allows you to appreciate the differences in various patterns. While artful and practical, these can also add a little extra privacy for a particular space in your home.


Upgrade Your Windows This Winter

Expert guidance is critical.

Every Marvin Window and Door is built around you, offering quality materials and detailed craftsmanship.

“Most people have no idea how many options they have when considering new windows and doors,” says Ron Bertolami. “We want the choices to be exciting and never overwhelming, so our staff brings their training and expertise to each customer’s project, offering important guidance to achieve their personal lifestyle goals.”

Homeowners, architects, and builders are welcome to visit this exciting new showroom Monday through Friday (7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) To ensure that a JB Sash consultant is available to discuss your project and introduce you to the new Marvin Windows and Doors experience, by booking an appointment online  OR call 1-617-884-8490 to let the showroom know when you would like to visit.


This blog initially ran as a paid partnership article in Boston Magazine.