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5 Ways to Save on Window Replacement

You’ll make many decisions during your window replacement process, like whether it’s really time to replace your windows, what material to choose, and whether to do all of your windows at once or approach it in phases. Replacing windows and doors is an investment, and just like any investment, it’s worth considering how to spend only what you need so you maximize your return on what you’re putting in.

Here are five tips from the window and door experts at JB Sash & Door for spending wisely on your window replacement project.

Know when to repair vs. window replacement.

Knowing whether your window issues are repairable or if they warrant replacement can be a tough call. Some wear and tear is normal and usually won’t affect the performance of your windows, but other signs indicate that window replacement might be on the horizon. Consider whether you can free up the painted-shut upper sash and replace broken panes, sash cords, or hardware instead of replacing the entire window. If your windows are drafty, adding weatherstripping might be a short-term fix. Windows and doors by Marvin specialists at JB Sash & Door can help you navigate this decision and guide you through the entire process.

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Understand that energy efficiency is not one size fits all.

It’s hard to talk about window replacement without hearing about energy efficiency. What many homeowners don’t realize is that energy efficiency requirements for windows and doors depend on your region and your home’s existing efficiency. A home in a Northern region that needs to keep as much heat as possible inside their home in the winter months will require different glazing and coating options than a home in the South that needs to keep the warmth out year-round.

While a window with all of the energy efficiency bells and whistles might sound like the best investment, it’s important to realize that if your walls aren’t properly insulated, energy-efficient windows with insulating gas or triple-pane glass won’t make much of a difference. Triple-pane glass, sometimes heralded as the ultimate in energy efficiency, isn’t always better. Conducting a home energy audit can help you decide if an investment in extra energy-efficient window measures will be worth it over time.

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Choose your replacement window material wisely.

Not all materials are created equal. The JB Sash & Door team can help you understand the differences and weigh the long-term benefits of various materials by considering their look, maintenance needs, and longevity. An all-wood window requires the most maintenance but may be worth it if you’re in a historical area or if the original character is important. Vinyl windows might advertise “hands-off” maintenance but will degrade faster when exposed to harsh weather. Clad wood or fiberglass in windows and doors by Marvin could offer a sweet spot in terms of low maintenance, design choice, and long-term durability that will protect your investment.

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Keep resale in mind.

According to the National Association of Realtors, replacing your windows could offer a 73 percent return on investment when it comes time to sell your home. To maximize this return, use the value of your home as a benchmark for making decisions. An inexpensive material might seem like a good money-saving measure, but it could hurt you in the long run. The same goes for shelling out the big bucks for the most expensive option out there. To get the highest return on your replacement window investment, avoid choosing windows and doors in a material that’s inferior to the rest of the finishes in the home (or considerably more high-end). Instead, aim to match and maintain the home’s original character and style to create a cohesive look for future buyers.

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Remember that it’s not all or nothing.

Every house is different in terms of how many windows and doors a replacement job would entail, and sometimes not all windows are in the same condition. Consider whether you might replace a few windows at a time to keep your initial investment lower, or ask the team at JB Sash & Door to assess your existing windows and provide priorities based on their condition. Familiarize yourself with the difference between insert and full-frame replacement to understand whether you can save money by salvaging existing frames and trim, and consider Marvin replacement windows that will fit into these existing openings.

It’s easier than you think to replace your windows and doors. Let JB Sash & Door help you take the pain out of updating your home. Stop by their Marvin showroom on 280 Second Street in Chelsea, MA, visit their website, or call at 1-877-527-2741.

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